7 Ways Pets Improve Your Health ...


7 Ways Pets Improve Your Health ...
7 Ways Pets Improve Your Health ...

Since there are a number of ways pets improve your health, getting a pet might be a great idea for your mental and physical well-being. It doesn't necessarily matter what kind of pet you choose. Many people find keeping fish to be very relaxing, and a tiny hamster or mouse can keep you entertained. Here are some of the ways pets improve your health …

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Lower Blood Pressure

One of the ways pets improve your health is to reduce your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a very common situation. Many people end up taking medication to control it, as high blood pressure can cause all sorts of medical problems. Having a pet, however, has long been known to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure, as stroking an animal and enjoying their companionship can be very relaxing.


Alleviate Solitude

Many people live on their own because of relationship breakdown or other reasons that are not through choice. We're not all cut out for solitary living, and so it can be very lonely. Pets are wonderful companions and can be just as good as human company. In fact, in some ways they're better! So if you hate living on your own, get a pet - they'll help you feel less alone and it's great to have someone to come home to.



Admittedly, a hamster or a budgie probably won't be much use in the exercise department (unless they make an escape and you end up chasing them around the house or garden). Dogs need to be exercised regularly, however, even if the weather is bad. So you can't make excuses like you otherwise might. Both the dog and you will get some much-needed exercise!


Allergies, Eczema & Asthma

Medical conditions such as allergies, eczema and asthma often have a family connection. So if you have any of these in your family, a pet may help improve matters. Exposure to an animal from early on in their life can help protect a child against developing these conditions, which seem to be on the increase these days.


Healthy Heart

Studies have suggested that living with a cat (you never really own them!) substantially reduces your risk of suffering a heart attack. Dog owners do a lot better as well, with a lower risk of heart problems in the short term. Add the benefit of exercise when you have a dog to walk, and having a pet could really pay dividends when it comes to keeping your heart healthy.


Mental Health

Having pets can also be beneficial if you suffer from mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Of course, they aren't a miracle cure for all mental health issues, but can really help when you're experiencing a rough period. Pets are non-judgemental, and can be ideal if you can't deal with human company.


Stronger Immune System

Some experts believe that we suffer so many allergies and illnesses because our homes are actually too clean. A house with animals is never spotless, but this could actually be an advantage. Children who grow up with pets tend to have fewer bouts of colds and flu. This appears to be because they have higher levels of antibodies in their blood to attack infection.

There's a pet to suit most lifestyles, so even if you don't have the time for a dog you can still enjoy animal companionship. If your lease rules out cats and dogs, you may be able to keep birds instead. Whatever animal you choose, you'll be happier and healthier. Have you ever had any talented or memorable pets?

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Very true, since my sister got a new puppy her health has improved.

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