Ways to Avoid 🚫 Freshers Flu πŸ€’ for Students Starting College πŸ“š ...

"Freshers flu" is a UK term referring to the cold most students catch after heading off to uni or college for the first time. So you're probably looking for ways to avoid freshers' flu. While catching a cold is always awful, starting college is a daunting enough experience as it is without getting sick! But sometimes getting sick is hard to avoid. You’re in a new place, meeting loads of new people from all over the world. Perhaps you can’t avoid getting ill, but here are some must know ways to avoid freshers' flu.

1. Eat Some Fruit and Veg

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One of the best ways to avoid freshers' flu is to eat healthy foods. It can be so tempting and delicious to live off pizza and chocolate, but while comfort food can make you feel better, your body isn’t getting any of the nutrients it needs to fight off a cold. Genuine vitamins, like those in fruits and vegetables, will give your body the fuel it needs, and they’re far more efficient that multivitamins.

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