11 Ways to Become a Nicer Person ...


11 Ways to Become a Nicer Person ...
11 Ways to Become a Nicer Person ...

Self improvement is great, especially when it benefits others as well, and that’s why I've put together this list of 11 ways to become a nicer person. When was the last time you saw the office grump laugh, or that mean girl from accounts look happy? You won’t because it pays to be nice, it doesn't pay to be mean. So get nicer now with these top ways to become a nicer person!

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Lighten the Load

Next time you see a woman struggling to get her child down a flight of stairs in a push chair, or an old man fumbling with his shopping bags, offer help. As long as they are not carrying bricks or immigrating to China, you should be fine. We say that people don’t look out for each other anymore but it is up to us to change that. This is one of the best, most meaningful ways to become a nicer person.



I was in the supermarket last Sunday morning and a man approached me (alongside his boyfriend) and said how he thought my hair looked lovely and wanted me to know. I spent the rest of the time floating about the shops feeling like a Goddess — it made my day to say the least. If you admire how someone looks or what they are wearing, tell them so; you need to give a bit of love in order to receive it.



There could never be enough said on the powers of smiling. Living in London, I make a conscious effort to smile at people, although some people look at me in shock, as though there is a large blemish growing on my forehead, they eventually crack a smile themselves. Smiling is infectious and it says that you are open, warm and friendly - the best way to be!


Random Acts

We all know to buy gifts or do something special for our loved ones on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, but what about doing something nice for someone for no particular reason at all? If there is someone in your life who never fails to bring a smile to your face or happiness in your day, then do something nice for them out of the blue, not just on the days when you are expected to.



We all have the best intentions, but it is the doing that makes a difference. Find a charity and commit a certain amount of your time or money toward it. If that doesn't suit you, find other ways to help those less fortunate than you. Go through your wardrobe for clothing items that you could give away or look into a community program where your skill sets may be of use.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Stop Scanning

Part of being a nicer person is accepting people for who they are, free of judgments. Has anyone been subject to the eye scan? Someone scans you from head to toe without actually acknowledging you. Eww. Be conscious of your thoughts as you meet someone and stop your eyes from scanning by looking them square in their eyes.


Bad Mouthing

My Mom always used to say, whatever you say about others, you can be sure that someone is out there saying the same of you. Bitching, or talking about someone behind their back, is toxic for everyone involved. You may not think you are being mean, but if you are saying something that you wouldn't say to the person’s face, then chances are you shouldn't be saying it at all.


Planet Earth

It not only pays to show kindness and consideration to each other and ourselves, but also to the planet. Don’t be a litter bug — it’s naughty and it is definitely not nice. Think of the world in the terms of how you want it to be when your kid’s kids are growing up, and your grand-kids' children. Recycling, reusing and being environmentally responsible is not only nice, but vital to the planet's survival.


It’s the Little Things

We wouldn't snap at our best friends if they had accidentally put Parmesan on our pasta when we said without, so why is it okay to snap at a waitress we don’t know? Just because we are paying for a service does not mean that we have the right to be rude. Thank the bus driver for the ride home, acknowledge the man who serves you hot coffee every morning and be patient with the waitress who is taking your order. Without them, you would be stuck at home hungry and dying for some caffeine.


Give It up

It sounds trivial, but living in London you all too often see a pregnant woman or old man standing on a train or bus full of able bodied people sitting comfortably. Give up your seat, offer up your space and set a good example to those around you. Someday, someone will do the same for you.



One of the ways to become a nicer person is to simply listen more. There is a difference between listening to someone and hearing what someone says whilst thinking of what you are going to say next. Really listen to your friends, listen to your partner and be there for whoever needs you. If an old woman strikes a conversation up with you in the park, listen to her, and invest in being there for someone just to be there for someone, with no other reason, motive or purpose.

Being a nice person is a win/win situation, you get to share your kindness with other people and in turn you feel like a good person. When you are kind to those around you, a warmth emanates from within and your life works with you in response. What are other ways in which we can be nicer people? Share your ideas here!

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I'm nice to a lot of people , and some just dont appreciate it , or care. They think they are entitled to have respect and kindness . It makes me sick .

great post Naomi! Actually being nice the only way to go - it's not easy but you end up being nice or just die alone and unhappy.

This is probably the best article! We ask for more, but don't think of giving. Being nice doesn't take much, but being rude can piss off someone's whole day! just giving a smile or saying hi doesn't make any harm. Couple weeks ago, i was riding the bus. This old lady was being so rude to the driver.Instead of making a sad face or anything, the driver gave her a big smile!! and said, "merry christmas to you! and you have a wonderful happy new year"!! we all started smiling... without being rude, even being nice, that two sentences shut her face.haha! but anyway, i am not being rude to her,i do not just accept her attitude. I am working on being a nice. Thank you so much for reminding those points! but sad thing is, who need those, they will never read this.Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Bear hug!

Nice article!

Sometimes being too nice can also get u hurt n the long run cause people take advantage of u!

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