Here's How to Cool off on Hot Summer Days ...


Here's How to Cool off on Hot Summer Days ...
Here's How to Cool off on Hot Summer Days ...

Want to know the best ways to cool off on hot days? Now that summer is here, we are all sweating and wishing for something to cool us down, right? If you can't be cocooned in an air-conditioned place, there are lots of other great ways to cool off and still enjoy everything summer has to offer. The season just got started so let's not start wishing for fall just yet. Instead, enjoy these easy ways to cool off on hot days.

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Eat a Popsicle

girl, mouth, One of the best ways to cool off on hot days is to eat something cold and a frozen popsicle is a great choice. You can buy the fruity flavored ones from your youth or make your own with juice, fruit and even booze if you so desire.


Put Your Sheets in the Freezer

room, major appliance, home appliance, girl, refrigerator, room, major appliance, home appliance, girl, refrigerator, I know. It sounds weird, but it really works. Pull the sheets off your bed and stick them in the freezer for about an hour before bed. Then, just before you hit the sack, put them back on the bed and slide between their coolness. Ahhh!


Use Ice Packs

tree, shoulder, plant, sitting, arm, There's nothing more delicious than an ice pack in the heat of summer, but try putting it on your pulse points and you'll cool off so much faster. Press an ice pack to your wrists, temples, neck, elbows and the backs of your knees and you'll get an instant refresh.


Sleep outside

fauna, tree, grass, plant, jungle, It's no secret that at night it's usually much cooler outside than inside. Rig up a hammock in your backyard, which lets you sleep where it's cool and maximizes airflow to keep you from getting hot and sweaty.


Cook outside

barechestedness, muscle, product, recreation, public event, Turning on your stove or oven during the summer just makes your house that much hotter. Instead, consider cooking outside on the grill or smoker. Or you could forgo cooking at all and enjoy meals that don't need any cooking. Think hummus and pita, salads or even a bowl of cereal with cold milk.


Use a Cold Foot Bath

water, swimming, swimmer, aqua, freestyle swimming, You'll be surprised at how quickly you cool down if your feet aren't hot. Fill a large bowl or bucket with cold water and dunk your feet in. As your feet cool down, the rest of you will too.


Put Your Lotions and Potions in the Fridge

shoulder, hand, arm, finger, girl, When you're really hot, nothing feels better than slathering on some cold lotion. Keep your face and body creams in the refrigerator so that you can slick on the cool creaminess anytime you need to.

How do you stay cool in the summer?

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