9 Ways to Ease Constipation and Feel Yourself Again ...

Rosalina Lionetti

9 Ways to Ease Constipation and Feel Yourself Again ...

No one wants to talk about the dreaded C word but we all suffer from it at some point or another. I'm talking about constipation and it's one of those things that can ruin our week. Changes in routine, travel, diet and medication are just a few of the constipation culprits. However, simple lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and eating habits can help you to ease constipation and feel yourself again.

1 Herbal Remedies

There are some herbal remedies that can help with constipation. For example, senna leaves are a common constipation cure and you can get them in tablet form from your phamacy. Other herbal remedies that have a colon cleansing effect include aloe vera juice, ginger and milk thistle.

2 Water

Water is one of those diet essentials. It's vital to drink water throughout your day and it will certainly keep things moving nicely. I do find that if I don't drink enough water, I will suffer the consequences the next day. Lemon water in the morning can also get things going.

3 Diet Overhaul

Our diets have a profound effect on our bowel movements so it's essential that we eat the right things. High fibre foods will certainly help for example, fresh fruits, seeds, kale, whole grains and sweet potatoes are just a few of the foods you should include in your diet. Prunes are another one of nature's saviours when it comes to constipation. In fact, any dried fruit will help so have a couple of prunes, dried apricots or figs during the day as either a preventative or curative measure.

4 Sinful Sugar

Dairy produce and highly refined foods can play havoc with the digestive system as they're difficult to digest. Try to avoid or at least limit your consumption of foods containing sugar, white flour, dairy and meat.

5 Exercise

Moving gets things moving - that's one of my mantras anyway. If you're struggling to go, get going! Don't get emotional about your motions, go for a nice long walk or do some gentle exercise. Not only will exercise relieve the annoyance that is constipation, it can help prevent it in the first place!

6 Don't Stress

Constipation can make you miserable but thinking about it constantly and agonising over it will only make it worse. De-stressing and having a nice hot bath where you gently rub your tummy could be exactly what you need. Don't resist the urge to go either as this will only make things worse.

7 Sensational Seeds

Psyllium seed is another helpful constipation cure but should always be taken with enough water. Flaxseed is also great and can be sprinkled on cereals and salads.

8 Yoghurt

There have been some studies which show that consuming yoghurts containing active cultures can help with constipation.

9 See Your Doctor

When I suffered with chronic back pain, I was given some pain killers which made me feel fabulous and quickly took the problem away. However, the medication gave me another problem that I needed to see the doctor about. The wonders of modern medicine! If your constipation is very bad then it is advisable to see a doctor who will give you something to get things moving again or assess what the underlying problem might be. It's important not to become dependent on laxatives as they can cause damage to the colon if used over a long period of time.

These are some of the ways to ease the discomfort of constipation. Do you have any hints and tips?