10 Ways to Keep Air Clean and Healthy at Home ...


10 Ways to Keep Air Clean and Healthy at Home ...
10 Ways to Keep Air Clean and Healthy at Home ...

A healthy home is a happy home – so they say. It is extremely important to have clean air in your home, particularly if you have asthma or suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you have a particularly small house or live in a flat, or in a particularly polluted area, it is easier for the air to get stuffy and humid which isn’t good for your breathing. There are many ways to keep air clean and to prevent it from becoming stale. For more information, take a look at these 10 Ways to Keep Air Clean and Healthy at Home:

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Avoid Wood-burning Fireplaces

Despite their advantages in saving money on your electricity bill and creating that warm and rustic atmosphere, the smoke and particulate matter which these babies produce can be extremely invasive for your lungs. Wood-burning fireplaces produce soot and carbon, and whilst most of the smoke goes up the chimney, if your breathing is sensitive to your environment, then you need to prioritize having clean air.


Ban Smoking

According to research, around 85% of COPD cases in the USA are caused by smoking. Even if you do not smoke, second-hand smoke (passive smoking) is extremely detrimental to your lungs, particularly as this smoke does not go through any type of filtration system and so can be even more harmful. Have healthy lungs by having a healthy home by not allowing your friends or family to smoke around you or in your house.


Prevent Dust-mites from Settling in Your Home

Dust-mites are miniscule insects which burrow into material. They particularly love bedding, mattresses or pillows. Mattress covers and pillow-cases are usually bug-proof but you can get specialized anti-dust mite protectors which will ensure your air and environment is clean. Also, washing your linens in hot water at least once a week will keep the bugs away.


Reduce Chemical Usage

I know this sounds like a bit too much to ask – how to keep a home clean without using cleaning products which would inevitably use chemicals? However, there are other household products which can act as cleaning agents and be just as effective, such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. Besides cleaning products, hairspray and spray-on deodorant decrease a healthy home, I’m sure you’ve noticed whenever you accidentally breathe in a cloud of hairspray. Air fresheners as well only mask nasty smells, whilst still polluting the air around you.


Manage Pet Dander

Pets, as much as we love them, produce fluff and hair as well as bring in dirt and wet. Many people suffer from allergies which come off of pet dander and will make it a lot harder to keep your air clean. Keep a room where your pet is not allowed to minimize exposure if you suffer from COPD.


Get an Air Filter

Air filters are highly useful for filtering out particles that can clog up your lungs. These are handy for keeping a healthy home as well as providing effective ventilation.


Open a Window

It is advisable to open a window when you are cleaning the house and using harsh chemicals. Also, if the house gets too stuffy because you’ve not opened a window or a door for days, there can be a build-up of sweat and dust that can linger in the air. Letting a fresh breeze enter your house can keep air clean and in circulation.


Close Your Windows

I know this sounds contradictory considering I just advised you to open your windows, but air pollution from the outside, such as ozone, car fumes or pollen, can enter your house and irritate your lungs, spreading pollution. So, keep them closed on high-pollution days or at times like rush-hour or during allergy-season.


Kill Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew produce spores which can seriously damage your health. Invest in an effective ventilation system, such as a dehumidifier, in your bedrooms and bathrooms to prevent moist bacteria from growing. Dust-mites also like humidity, so keeping moisture levels to around 40% should be an effective way to keep your air clean and healthy.


Do You Have a Wood-burning Stove?

Consider replacing it or cutting down usage for a healthy home. Similarly to the problems of a wood-burning fireplace, if you suffer from asthma or have breathing problems, then having appliances that produce smoke can inhibit your breathing. Even if you have a gas stove, if your igniter is not automatic or allows gas escape from it easily, then you would be increasing your level of gas inhalation.

There are many ways to keep a healthy home and have clean air. It may have surprised you the number of ways a home can be polluted! Machines such as dehumidifiers and air filters are highly useful, but don’t rely just on these to ventilate your house. If you are particularly sensitive to allergens or have breathing problems then seriously consider these 10 Ways to Keep Air Clean and Healthy at Home. Do you have any more tips you can share?

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