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7 Ways to Make Your Workout More Fun ...

By Gabriella

If you’re like me and have never really enjoyed working out, then these 7 ways to make your workout more fun are definitely for you. Before I learnt these tips, I used to drag myself to the gym or outside for my workout, but now I am able to exercise and have fun at the same time! By employing these ways to make your workout more fun, the next time you exercise I can guarantee that you’ll have fun whilst looking after your body.

1 Workout with Friends

This is my top tip for ways to make your workout more fun! Whether you go for a walk or run with just one of your friends, to grabbing a whole group of them and organising a group sports team, with the help of your friends your workout will just breeze by. I love working out with my friends because it’s a healthy and fun way to catch up with them while also adding an extra boost to my workout. Your friends can be a great motivator if you involve them in your workout because what can encourage you more to exercise than knowing you get to hang out with your friends as well?

2 Change Your Environment

Another great way to make your workout more fun is to change up your environment. If you always workout in the gym, why not try exercising outdoors for a change of pace? Once a week I go for a run down at my local hiking trail for a change of scenery. I love experiencing all the local wildlife and I find my workout goes so much quicker when I’m enjoying my surroundings. If you live near the ocean or a lake why not try going for a run or walk around them to change up your environment and add a little fun back into your workout?


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3 An Awesome Playlist

I always keep my playlist updated with my favourite tracks so that my workout soundtrack never gets dull and boring. When I first started exercising I updated my playlist once every six months but all this meant was that whenever I exercised I spent the majority of my time skipping through my music because I was so bored of it! Now I try to update it at least once a week to add all my new favourite music. By loving the music I am listening too I am guaranteed to have more fun whilst I am working out.

4 Variety is the Spice of Life

Another way to make your workout more fun and to keep it from growing stagnant and boring is to add some variety to it! If you do the same workout every single day then you’ll grow bored of exercising, and because you’re not having fun with it you’re more likely to give up. So one-day try a spin class, the next day go for a run with a friend, the day after…who knows? It’s up to you. Working out should be fun and by adding variety to your exercising week, you’re sure to have a great time whilst getting fit and healthy.

5 Add Goals to Your Workout

Another way to add some fun to your workout is by adding goals to your daily exercise regime. Whether you’re trying to beat your personal best on the treadmill or trying to add an extra few pounds to your weightlifting goals, once you achieve your goal the sense of overwhelming confidence and pride that you will feel will make your entire workout worthwhile! Adding goals is just one way that I have fun with my workout because I love the great feeling I get once I achieve my goals.

6 Workout like a Kid

Remember all the fun activities you used to do as a kid? Well these activities can also be great ways to get a sneaky workout without your body even realizing. Try roller-skating with your friends at the local rink. Other fun options include ice-skating, basketball at the local courts, have a hula-hoop competition with a friend or even just a good old game of tag! By getting your inner child on, you are definitely able to have more fun with your workout.

7 Hire a Trainer

This is probably the most expensive tip on this list but if you can afford it then I would definitely recommend hiring a personal trainer to help make your workout more fun! A trainer can introduce you to new exercises and can streamline your workout plans making it more fun and enjoyable for you. I love my trainer because he knows exactly what exercises I should be doing to get the results I want and he tries to make them as fun as possible for me so that I enjoy my workout with him each and every time.

These 7 ways to make your workout more fun will help you to get motivated and get out there! While your workout may be tough and tiring hopefully with the use of these tips it can also be fun and enjoyable. What are your favourite ways to make your workout fun and exciting?

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