7 Ways to Prepare for Your First Session with a Personal Trainer ...


7 Ways to Prepare for Your First Session with a Personal Trainer ...
7 Ways to Prepare for Your First Session with a Personal Trainer ...

Your first session with a personal trainer doesn’t have to be painful or embarrassing or scary. I won’t lie — it’s not going to be easy, but that’s why you hired a trainer in the first place, right? So gather your courage, put your hair in a ponytail, and let’s get going! Here are 7 ways to prepare for your first session with a personal trainer. You can do it!

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Don’t Be Late!

You might be a little nervous or filled with dread, so you’re dragging your feet a little bit, but don’t be rude! Your personal trainer’s time is important, so be on time.


Bring a Bottle

Girl, believe me, you’re going to be sweating during your first session with a personal trainer, and for every session after, so be prepared with a bottle of water or Gatorade to re-hydrate during your workout, and after. Protip: you won’t want your beverage to be too cold, or you might cramp.


Wear the Right Trainers

Be sure you’re wearing the right trainers, and in fact, the right clothes, for your workout. If this is your first workout ever, get help from the staff at a local shoe store to find the right fit. Make sure you also have the right socks, pants or shorts, bra, and top.


Be Prepared to Be Measured

You’re not going to like this, but sweetie, it’s going to happen. Right at the start of your first session with a personal trainer, he or she will bust out the tape measure and take about a dozen measurements. These baseline measurements are important for tracking your progress no matter how much you loathe them now. And trust me, you’re not being judged by them… they’re just a starting point, right?


Leave the IPod at Home

You might be tempted to fill your iPod with all of your favorite workout songs, but that’s for another day, not for your first session with a personal trainer… in fact, leave the iPod at home or in your gym bag for all of your workouts with your trainer. He or she will have lots of instructions for you, and you’ll want to hear them all!


Eat a Light Meal

You’ll also want to eat something light before your first workout with a personal trainer. An hour before your morning appointment, have a bowl of cereal or some light yoghurt and granola. An hour before an evening or afternoon session, have a serving of lean protein (like tuna) and a piece of fruit or fresh veggies.


Bring a List

you’re going to have questions for your personal trainer, and the moment you walk into the gym, you’re probably going to forget them all. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep an ongoing list of questions for your trainer, and bring it with you to the gym for each session. Your trainer may, in fact, ask you to bring a notebook to track your progress, so keep your questions in there.

Do you feel ready now, more prepared? I hope so! Your first session with a personal trainer might be intimidating, but sweetie, it’s so worth it! And now that you know what to expect, you don’t even have to be nervous. So lace up your trainers and get going! Which of these tips did you find helpful for your first session with a personal trainer? Or do you have another tip or story to share? Please do!

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