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Everyone gets the morning jitters occasionally but if you suffer on a regular basis, you might try some of these ways to reduce morning anxiety that don’t involve medication. I’m a firm believer that the body can heal itself when given the opportunity to do so. In order to start your day out with more peace, it’s important to take a look at your morning routine. By just making a few tweaks here and there, you’d be surprised how things can turn around in no time. There’s no need to be a ball of nerves every morning! Try out some of these ways to reduce morning anxiety so you can take on the day the best way possible!

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Limit Caffeine

One of the best ways to reduce morning anxiety is limit the amount of stimulants you put in your body. One or two cups of coffee is fine but limit your caffeine intake after that (unless it’s in the form of green tea which is actually calming to the body). Caffeine excess can not only disrupt stress hormones but may also cause your blood pressure stay high all day long.


Opt for Something Green

Try to have something green in the morning each day and no, I’m not talking about sugary cereals or lime green yogurt! I’m talking about some sort of greens powder, a green smoothie, or a green juice. Greens are full of magnesium and chlorophyll, which both help relax the body, aid in mental focus, and relieve nervous tension.


Take Magnesium

Magnesium supplements are completely natural and can easily be taken in the morning if you wake up feeling stressed. Many people take them before bed to wind down but they can also be used in the morning. Just opt for magnesium citrate over oxide since the oxide forms are the ones that can make you groggy and sleepy.


Drink More Water

Dehydration can actually cause stress because the body senses dehydration as a physical stress and makes you mentally stressed as a result. Dehydration also causes your blood pressure to rise and can make you short of breath. Drink several cups through the morning, especially right when you wake up.


Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast that’s low in sugar, high in fiber and protein, and that contains a little bit of healthy fat is one of the best ways to start your day out on the right foot. When your body knows it has enough calories for fuel, it functions better overall and stress naturally subsides.


Balance That Blood Sugar

When you choose your breakfast, keep your blood sugar in mind. Why? Well for starters, when your blood sugar drops too low or rises too high, it causes your body to be stressed and makes you feel incredibly tired as a result. Eating something unrefined and high in fiber and protein is the best way to do just that. A green smoothie with protein, fruit with plain yogurt and almonds, or some flax over your morning oatmeal are all great ideas.


Move Your Body

Physical exercise immediately relieves stress and can help you fight anxiety all day long. No matter what it takes, get up early enough and do at least 30 minutes of exercise before your workday.

Remember to get a full night’s rest and do your best to get some quiet time to yourself each day. Do you have a way to reduce anxiety in the morning? Let me hear your best tips!

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When I wake up really early and exercise, I feel so good no matter what for the rest of the day! Plus I'm getting fit ;)

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