8 Ways to Start Eating Vegetables ...


8 Ways to Start Eating Vegetables ...
8 Ways to Start Eating Vegetables ...

Despite gagging at the sight of leafy greens as a kid, there are surefire ways in which you can start eating vegetables…pain free! Not only do veggies contain antioxidants and fiber, but they’re generally low in calories and can even help curb needless snacking. Eating vegetables is beneficial for a number of other reasons as well, which is why it's vital to incorporate them into your diet! So, even if you’ve been avoiding veggies for years, here are 8 ways to add vegetables to your diet. Healthy has never been so easy!

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Dip It

If you’re searching for a taste bud friendly way to start eating your veggies, biting into raw carrot sticks or broccoli heads might not work out so well. Flavor your veggies with low fat dressing or super yummy hummus. The next time you’re about to chow down on chips in front of the television, break out your new and healthier combo. Yum!


Mix It up

Sometimes it's easier to start eating vegetables if you kind of trick yourself. Most of us wouldn’t mind sipping on a cup of steaming soup or noshing on a salad and sandwich. So, why not take the opportunity to throw some veggies into the mix? Many different types of veggies can be added to your lunch. And guess what? It’ll still taste delicious!


Top It off

Who would’ve thought pizza could help you start eating veggies? Instead of going for your usual pepperoni slice, opt for veggie toppings. My trick is to double up on the veggies, so I get twice the health boost. Plus, more mushrooms or spinach usually means less fattening mozzarella and oils. I’ll fold my slice to that one!


Blend It in

You can get more vegetables into your diet by drinking them, too. Talk about tasty! If you’d like to get your veggie kick on the go, pick up a bottle of V8 or some fresh-blended vegetable juice. I do this when my body needs a quick and healthy pick-me-up. It's also a great option if you're feeling under the weather!


Sauté Away

When I was a child, this was the surefire way to get me to shovel spoonfuls of broccoli, bean sprouts, and carrots into my mouth. Find a delish stir fry recipe right here on All Women Stalk and get to work! You can even make it a cooking date with your honey to amp up the fun. Remember, it's all about the seasonings, especially if your palate isn't yet pleased by all that greenery.


Hit the Grill

With the temperatures heating up, it’s about time to get a little fresh air and drop those veggies onto the grill. It’s a summery way to revamp your diet! Add some fat free dressing and enjoy your treat –I especially like to carry a bowl to picnics.


Crack an Egg

Omelets are undeniably tasty, but if you’re looking to add more vegetables into your diet, substitute cheese for a handful of veggies. I can’t get enough of a good mushroom and spinach omelet, especially during weekend brunch. You can also eat this tasty treat for lunch, and the best part is that you can get super inventive!


Order in

As a last resort, you can get a small box of fresh vegetables delivered to your home on a weekly basis. This way, you’ll work veggies into your diet to avoid dealing with a guilty conscience. And believe me, you’ll be noshing on fresh greens in no time!

You can easily start eating vegetables with these tips, even if you aren't really fond of them right now. Remember, vegetables will improve both your diet and your overall health. Do you make an effort to eat enough veggies? Which tips would you like to try?

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