7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Winter ...

By Michelle

7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Winter ...

In the midst of all the snow storms and bitter-cold days, I think its important to know ways to take care of yourself this winter. Self-care can limit your likelihood of having Seasonal Affective Disorder, most commonly known as SAD and Seasonal Depression. These ways to take care of yourself this winter are just my tips for making sure that you are looking after yourself. After all, you are the most important person in your life.

1 Snuggle up

Take time on either a day off of work or the weekend to snuggle up to a good film. Watching a movie you enjoy is simple, but effective when it comes to ways to take care of yourself this winter. I always like wrapping myself in a warm blanket and drinking a cup of tea to unwind as I put on an Audrey Hepburn film. Giving yourself permission to just relax helps decrease the pressure of running around and finishing every last errand. Schedule time in so that you aren’t stressed about not completing your housework when you are watching the movie to reap all its benefits.

2 Hand Lotion

I always forget until mid-January how raw my hands get with the colder weather. Take the time to moisturize your hands with lotion, that way they don’t get cracked or irritated. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s to build a helpful habit early on, so that you don’t need to enforce a new one when your hands are already torn to shreds. Small steps along the way are more powerful than coating your knuckles in A&D ointment last minute.

3 Wash Your Sheets

The common cold is never a welcome guest, though it visits most people each winter. If you are sick, don’t push yourself because added stress contributes to sickness, and remaining sick. If you find yourself getting over being sick, make sure to wash your sheets so that any lingering germs will be washed away. It may seem like a no-brainer but it can make a big difference in staying healthy. You don’t want your partner, husband or kids to get sick as well.

4 Try Something New

It’s easy to get into a routine with work-weekend-snow. To mix things up, why not try something new? Get together with friends to go out to that Thai food place you’ve been eyeing or paint pottery at a craft shop. Whatever you choose, have fun! Not only does it give you something to look forward to, but also it’s a wonderful way to connect with friends.

5 Read

On snowy days, I like pulling out my favorite books to read. Reading expands the imagination, or at least keeps you entertained on those days when shoveling seems the only thing in your forecast. By settling down to your favorite book, you are able to take a break from your chaotic schedule. Consider reading a book aloud to the family for some bonding time. No matter what you choose, reading redirects the mind from that mid-winter madness.

6 Take a Hot Shower

Sometimes all you need is a nice, hot shower. Your mind may be racing with thoughts of chores you need to do but I challenge you to let yourself be aware of your shower. Heat provides comfort. And in the middle of winter when the days are shorter and there isn’t much light, it’s important to rake in any comfort you can. This short break can help you melt away any lingering stress from the day.

7 Be Kind to Yourself

Diet talk seems to boil up around the start of the New Year with promises of trips to the gym and hundred-calorie packs. But limiting yourself only makes you crave sweets and goodies more. Treat yourself to a cookie, cake, or other winter favorite without worrying about the cost. Better yet, take time to affirm yourself with positive affirmations such as “Wow, I tried my hardest today, and though I may not have got everything done, I did what I could and that’s great!” Kindness and self-compassion are sure-fire ways to take care of yourself this winter.

Find time to subscribe to self-care and you will see the benefits! Though seasonal depression does not affect everyone, taking care of yourself is a worth-while ambition when it comes to New Years resolutions. What are other ways you can take care of yourself this winter?

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