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It’s always important to listen to your body. In every change in appearance or a function, there’s a message. It’s not always up to you to decipher the message (that’s what the medical profession is for) but it is vital to acknowledge that the message is being sent. Obviously the signs are different for every individual and taken alone might be completely β€œnormal”, however, it’s always worth getting them checked out. These are some signs good to know:

1. Gray Hair in Your 30s

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It is natural to have gray hair in your 50s, but something may not be right if your hair is turning gray before you hit your 40s. It could even be a sign of diabetes if 50% of your hair is already gray in color. This is more likely if diabetes runs in your family. Before you start looking for a hair dye to cover your gray hair, it makes great sense to visit your doctor to rule out the possibility of having diabetes.

2. Loss of Eyebrows

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You will continue to lose eyebrow hairs as you grow old, but you should not ignore sudden hair loss. This could be due to hyperthyroidism, poor thyroid function or another thyroid problem. All these issues can lead to hair loss.

3. Red Palms

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Your red palms may only be a sign of excessive labor, but it may also indicate other issues, including eczema and liver problems. Some people end up having red palms because of an allergy to drugs, metal, foods or drinks.

4. Chapped Lips

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You will end up having chapped lips due to a change in wind or temperature. If the problem persists, especially when you cannot associate with temperature changes, you may have other health conditions. You may be zinc and vitamin B deficient if you notice your lip ends being cracked and you have inner sores as well. It could also be due to a fungal infection.

5. Swollen Neck

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It is always important to know what your neck says about your health. Don't overlook a swollen neck; it could be due to some serious underlying health condition. You may have thyroid problems if the front part of your neck swells. This is more common in women from20 to 50 years of age.

6. Birthmarks

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Most of your birthmarks and moles carry little significance. They are usually benign and harmless, but you cannot say the same thing for all those marks, especially the ones that are the outcome of overexposure to sun. You need to bear in mind that senile and actinic keratosis triggered by UV rays indicate pre-cancer skin changes. If you notice any change in the appearance of a mole, get it checked out.

7. Nail Changes

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Your nails can tell a lot about your health. A change in color, shape, or even texture represents different types of underlying health conditions. Be sure to go see your doctor if you notice any sudden change to your nails.

8. Eye White

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It's called "the white of the eye", so a color other than white generally always indicates issues. The most common cause of an eye white that's not so white is insufficient sleep – you will have red eyes due to colds as well. If it's yellow instead of white, this could be due to jaundice, another liver related issue or issues with your gall bladder. Red-white is sometimes a sign of hypertension – you will also notice redness due to a viral disease, such as conjunctivitis.

9. Cold Feet

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Your feet are the furthest body part from your heart, which means that you will experience cold feet with any cardiovascular problem. Cold feet is a common symptom of an autoimmune issue called Reynaud's disease in which the blood vessels in your toes, hands, ears, and nose tighten up a bit and feel pale and cold to touch.

10. Red Face

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It’s always good to know what your face says about your health. A change in the color of your face is usually the outcome of hormonal changes. It's especially common in women aged between 30 and 55. Your red face may be due to hot food or temperature changes. Your rosy cheeks may also indicate a chronic skin disease called rosacea. It’s best to find out rather than just cover it up with makeup.

The human body really is very complex so it’s good to know yours intimately. That way you can easily spot any changes. Do you listen when your body talks?

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