First Aid 101 for College Students ...

Beginning a college education is exciting as it marks the start of true independence and responsibility. It also means being responsible for taking care of yourself (and possibly others) if an accident or emergency should occur. Because life is unpredictable, you need to know what to do for any given incident or emergency. Here's what every college student should know about first aid.

1. The Basic Necessities

The first thing you need to do is stock up on some basic essentials that you can use to administer first aid. Included in the list of must-haves are tweezers, hand sanitizer, non-latex gloves, pain relievers, band aids and gauzes, tape (for the gauzes), antiseptic wipes and/or hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream, saline solution and allergy medicine.

If you are stocked with these items, than you will be well-prepared in case something happens. Place these items in a box or some other container and put it where it is easy to get to so you do not waste time fumbling around looking for it during an emergency. Be sure to let your roommate know where it is in case he or she needs it.