What Millennials Can do to Pitch in during Coronavirus Outbreak ...


What Millennials Can do to Pitch in during Coronavirus Outbreak ...

Unless you happen to live under a rock or a remote island (which might be the safest places to live right now), you’re aware of the vicious illness known as the coronavirus that has taken the world by storm. As government officials and leaders everywhere try to slow the spread and find medical solutions for treating those already affected, life as you once knew it has changed. State and country shutdowns, stay at home orders, and social distancing regulations have forced many to retreat to their homes abandoning their lifestyles.

Seeing how this national pandemic is disrupting everyday life and destroying mankind can make you feel as if there’s no hope and also nothing you can do to help. In reality, however, there are things you can do to pitch in and help the millions of people whose lives have been impacted. Here are some examples:

Table of contents:

  1. stay at home
  2. help a senior citizen
  3. donate time, money, clothes, or food
  4. support local businesses

1 Stay at Home

When news stories first broke about the coronavirus, it was believed that millennials were the group least at risk for contracting the virus and dying as a result. Though new findings have shown different, many teens and young adults took this as a sign to continue life as normal. There were reports of individuals going to parties, hanging out at bars and clubs, heading to the beach, and traveling for spring break.

The reality is that not following the stay at home orders puts you and millions of others at risk. You could have contracted the virus unknowingly and passed it on to others. So, one of the first ways you can pitch in during the coronavirus outbreak is to stay home. Nothing you have planned for spring break is worth losing your life or putting others at risk. Only venture out for essentials like food, water, and medication and practice social distancing while doing so.

2 Help a Senior Citizen

Seniors are at the highest risk of both contracting and passing away from the coronavirus. That’s why it is strongly advised that they stay indoors and away from large gatherings to reduce the likelihood of this happening. If you really want to help out, why not assist a senior citizen? Whether it’s a relative or someone from your neighborhood, there are a lot of ways you can make their lives easier and keep them safe.

You can talk to them about the coronavirus and provide them with real facts to reduce their fears, assist them with applying for medicare or other health insurance to provide peace of mind, help them schedule and set-up virtual doctor’s visits, walk their dogs, make a trip to the grocery store for them, or simply be a listening ear and companion.

3 Donate Time, Money, Clothes, or Food

Nonprofits across the country are desperately trying to do what they can to help the communities. However, with limited resources, it is often difficult to reach as many people as they’d like. If you want to do your part to help during the coronavirus outbreak, donating may be the best way to get involved. You can donate to a charity, give canned or boxed goods to a nearby food bank, purge your home and give any unwanted items to the salvation army or other clothing drive, or donate your time helping to hand out food baskets and care kits to those in need with a local church or other legitimate group trying to give back.

4 Support Local Businesses

While saving lives is certainly a higher priority than the global economy, it goes without saying that this pandemic will wreak havoc on businesses. This is especially true for small businesses that have much less capital and fewer resources. A safe way to help out would be to support these local businesses. Visit their eCommerce sites and make purchases online, order takeout from local mom and pop restaurants, and when you do have to make quick trips outside for essentials, try to visit small convenience stores and retail shops in the area to help stimulate the economy and support employees.

The coronavirus outbreak is one of the biggest the world has seen in decades, and this is just the beginning. As scary as this can all be, the best thing you can do for yourself and for others is to find ways to help. Whether it’s simply following the stay at home laws and practicing social distancing or giving back to the community by donating, it can go a long way to combating this horrific outbreak and improving the lives of millions.

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