Coffee Drinkers Unite-Your Addiction is Healthier than You Thought ...


Coffee Drinkers Unite-Your Addiction is Healthier than You Thought ...
Coffee Drinkers Unite-Your Addiction is Healthier than You Thought ...

Starbucks is at the top of the food chain when it comes to coffee shops. You may feel a little guilty for dropping $5 on your daily coffee but you really shouldn’t. Here’re 7 great reasons your Starbucks addiction is healthier than you think.

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Coffee Improves Your Memory

Coffee Improves Your Memory First off, coffee improves your memory. Since most of us could use a little boost in that department, a cup of coffee is a good idea. You may not have hit the age where you’re trying to remember a friend’s name from years ago but you can still benefit. Who’s to say that your morning coffee won’t aid you in remembering the right formula for a math equation on a test?


It Gives You the Energy You Need to Start Your Day

It Gives You the Energy You Need to Start Your Day Some people wake up bright eyed and ready to dive into their day. For the rest of us (normal) humans, we need some help in this department. A cup of joe is the perfect way to get your day started. It gives you enough energy to do what you need to do without feeling sleepy while you’re doing it. However, coffee in excess isn’t good either, so limit yourself to no more than 2-3 cups a day.


The Scent of Coffee is Calming

The Scent of Coffee is Calming Do you ever just walk in Starbucks and inhale the wonderful aromas? I could spend all day there, just enjoying the fragrance and the atmosphere. The reason so many people do just that is because of the way the scent of coffee makes them feel. It’s calming. Since so many of us need a little more calmness in our lives, enjoying a Starbucks coffee can feel therapeutic.


Coffee Lowers the Risk of Some Diseases

Coffee Lowers the Risk of Some Diseases Coffee also offers you some very specific benefits when it comes to disease prevention. Many studies have been done on this subject. Some of the diseases that coffee has been shown to help in the prevention of are diabetes, cancer and dementia. It’s definitely a point in favor of coffee. Another beverage that’s been shown to give benefits to your health is green tea.


Coffee May Boost Your Metabolism

Coffee May Boost Your Metabolism The verdict’s still out on this one. But I did read some reports that stated this. It’s easy to see how coffee could boost your metabolism. With its caffeine content, it is said to be a natural fat burner. However, this decreases over time in avid coffee drinkers, so don't overdo the cups per day to keep shedding those pesky pounds.


Coffee Can Boost Your Mood

Coffee Can Boost Your Mood Have you seen the coffee mugs that have little sayings on them about being crabby before morning coffee? There’s some truth to those statements! Coffee is a definite mood booster. You can be feeling grumpy and down and then a cup of coffee turns that around. Soon, you’re feeling a more optimistic and ready to go on with your day.


Little Treats Give You Joy

Little Treats Give You Joy The last way your Starbucks addiction is healthy for you is this one. Little treats in life give you joy! They make you feel just a little bit happier and able to face what life throws at you. Treating yourself on occasion is a healthy choice. It can be Starbucks but it could also be other things. A new lipstick, ordering your favorite takeout or splurging for a pricey pair of boots you love are a few other examples of ways you can treat yourself.


Improves Physical Endurance

person, Since caffeine is a stimulant, it works on the nervous system to break down fat. It also increases adrenaline in the blood which gets you ready for intense physical exertion. It breaks down the fat for your body to use as fuel which keeps you going long after you should've tapped out. Now that espresso seems worth it before the gym huh?!


Protects Your Liver

black and white, black, monochrome photography, muscle, monochrome, Oh the nights of partying followed by days of drinking coffee have seemed to do you a favor. Coffee has shown to reduce cirrhosis by 80% in those who drink four or more cups a day! This is because of the actual good nutrients (I know hard to believe coffee is nutritious) in coffee that protect your liver.


Can Lower Your Risk of Stroke

human action, alcohol, drink, sense, drinking, While it seems weird a stimulant lowering your risk of stroke, bear with me. While coffee does temporarily raise blood pressure in those who don't indulge in a morning cup, it's not shown to cause heart disease like previously thought. It does, however, lower a woman's risk of stroke by 20% over time.

These'er 10 ways your Starbucks addiction is actually healthy for you. What’s your favorite Starbucks beverage? You’re always welcome to comment!

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I love Starbucks tea. It is very good for you, and you can replace all the sugar with splenda.

Not even the tea is good for you lol pesticides are a big risk and cause birth defects, just watch what you ingest

Starbucks is actually very unhealthy for you, the amount of hormones and pesticides are toxic. Coffee is good for you, make it yourself though.

Save ur money make ur own coffee. It is safe to safe to say that starbucks are rich enough and they will only get richer!

I used to love Starbucks, but it's not healthy or particularly ethical. Make your own coffee and safe your money! Also, Splensa is not very healthy... It's actually worse than sugar!

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