9 Worst Foods to Eat when You're Sick ...

Before you give in to your cold cravings, make sure you're not eating any of the worst foods to eat when you're sick. Some foods actually aggravate cold and flu symptoms. The last thing you want to do is make yourself feel worse. Instead, reach for the standards such as soup, citrus fruits, crackers and ginger. If you avoid the worst foods to eat when you're sick, you might just avoid a worse upset stomach.

1. Sugary Treats

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One of the absolute worst foods to eat when you're sick is super sugary treats. The higher the sugar level in a food, the worse you might feel. While chocolate might be a great comfort food, it may do more harm than good when you're sick. Too much sugar works against your immune system and may cause inflammation, making congestion worse. Opt for fruits or popsicles instead.

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