10 Yoga Moves to Help Girls Who Suffer from Chronic Back Pain ...


10 Yoga Moves to Help Girls Who Suffer from Chronic Back Pain ...
10 Yoga Moves to Help Girls Who Suffer from Chronic Back Pain ...

There’s nothing worse than pain that comes back all the time. As someone who has suffered from back pain at times during my life, I can totally commiserate with your discomfort. Unfortunately, some conditions that cause back pain limit the types of exercise you can engage in. For many girls, yoga is safe and can offer relief from the pain. Talk things over with your doctor first, but chances are these yoga moves might give you just the relief you’ve been searching for.

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You Can’t Go Wrong with Bridge Pose

This move is great for back pain because it stretches your muscles in such a way that it can ease tightness and loosen your muscles so there is less discomfort. At the same time, it’s relaxing and is said to rejuvenate your body, which is something you’ll love if you spend a lot of time in pain.


Downward Facing Dog is a Great Choice

This is a classic yoga pose that has a great place in any routine. It’s easy to do so you don’t have to be an expert to get it right. This move will stretch your back in the right way, easing pain in many parts of your back. As you hold the move you’ll experience a nice relaxing feeling in your entire back. Perfect!


Try Dolphin Pose for Some Major Relief

You might not hear about this pose as often as you do some of the others, but you’re going to love what it can do for chronic back pain. While it will definitely ease some of the discomfort you’re feeling, the move also strengthens your core, which can help keep back pain at bay in the future.


Fish Pose is a Nice Addition to Your Routine

If you’ve never done fish pose, you are totally missing out. This is a great move for back pain because it’s not intense and allows you to lie down while you do it. This is a major perk for women who feel back pain on a regular basis. The move also provides just the stretch you need, especially in your lower back, to help alleviate some of your discomfort.


Legs up the Wall Pose

Some yoga experts say that this pose is great for just about anything that’s bothering you. Balancing your legs against the wall helps stretch and soothe back pain without forcing you to do anything that is painful or too hard on your back. This move is fairly simple to do and is great for beginners and experts. You’ll love it!


Cat Pose is Never a Bad Choice

Cat pose is often combined with cow pose, but done alone or with other poses, it’s great for making your back feel better. As you arch your spine, it will feel like a gentle massage to the muscles throughout your back and will loosen your spine and help ease any pain you’re feeling. This move is a great choice for any kind of back pain so make sure it becomes part of your routine today.


Bow Pose is One You Might Consider Trying

This pose is a little bit harder than some of the others, but it’s well worth getting the hang of because it helps stretch and soothe your entire back so your muscles aren’t so tight and your pain ebbs, at least a little bit. Once you get this move down, you’ll be able to use it anytime back pain flares.


Child's Pose is Simple and Effective

Child's Pose is probably the easiest yoga move and yet one of the best for back pain. It's an active stretch that elongates the back, helping to stretch it out and relieve any soreness. It's also a great move to do before bed to help de-stress after a long day.


Pigeon Pose Might Be What You Need

While it may seem difficult for new yoga doers, it is good for stretching the hip rotators and flexors. Sometimes hip pain from tight hips can attribute to lower back pain, so trying this move could alleviate your pain.


Upward Facing Dog is Always One to Consider

This pose does more than just stretch your back, it also opens up your chest and stretches your abdominal muscles. Engaging your back in this pose could potentially help you loosen up tight muscles giving you pain relief.

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? What else have you tried to make yourself feel better?

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Such great advise! I love yoga so much and all ur points are very on point.

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