7 Amazing Facts about Your Sense of Smell ...


I majored in Biology in college because it seemed to fall right in with my love of science and life in general. I often read articles in science magazines and pick up tidbits here and there about random scientific facts. Here are 7 amazing facts about your sense of smell you might be interested in. Maybe you can get a boring dinner conversation rolling by sharing some of your knowledge on a human’s sense of smell!

7. Women Have a Better Sense of Smell than Men

This was one that I wasn’t surprised to hear. I can recall many women in my family who have mentioned the presence of odors that none of the men could detect. However, I’m willing to bet that some of those mysterious smells were picked up by the guys as well, but they just didn’t want to admit it. They either didn’t admit to smelling anything odd or blamed it on the dog.

A Person’s Sense of Smell Fades as the Years Pass
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