7 Amazing Meditation Tips for Beginners ...


If you’ve been looking for another way to calm down that might not involve a glass of wine after work, these meditation tips for beginners might be just what you’re looking for. While it might seem pointless to sit in silence when you have so many things to do, having that quiet time really has proven to make people more peaceful and productive. So, let’s all take a deep breath and find a comfortable position as I give you seven meditation tips for beginners.

1. The Monkey Brain

One of the first meditation tips for beginners is to introduce you to what yogis call the monkey brain. And here you thought that was just your son. The monkey brain refers to the constant chatter and tangents that your brain goes through when you first sit down to meditate. It starts telling you that you need to call someone, or pick something up at the market, or finish an assignment RIGHT NOW! Your conscious brain will do anything to distract you from being quiet. While it’s good to get your errands done, nothing is ever really done if you think about it. Tell your monkey brain that you will come back to it but right now it needs a time out for fifteen minutes.

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