7 Amazing Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Sex ...


There are so many health benefits of sex, along with the activities associated with it.

Enjoying some mind-blowing sex can do wonders for both your physical health and your mental health.2

Start spending more time in between the sheets with your partner.

Not only will you feel amazing, your body will thank you and benefit in ways that you may have never realized.

The benefits of sex go way beyond the bedroom.

Sex is pleasurable and has numerous health benefits, so being โ€œin the moodโ€ is favorable!

1. Calorie Burning Activity

Sick of the treadmill?

Well youโ€™re in for a treat.

Youโ€™ll be happy to hear that sex counts as an amazing cardio exercise.2

Sex burns between 75 and 150 calories per half an hour.

Sex is comparable to other activities such as yoga, dancing, or walking.

The activity may also tone your body as well as help your muscles stay lean.2

Your abs, your back, butt, and thigh muscles get a good workout while thrusting.

Sex takes both physical and psychological work to do it well, so make sure to do it well to get all of the breathtaking benefits of sex!

2. Less Stress, Better Blood Pressure

Sex does not only help burn the calories, but it also could lower your high stress levels and your blood pressure.

Individuals who participate in sex respond better to stress than those who donโ€™t.

Endorphins and oxytocin, feel-good hormones that activate pleasure in the brain, are released during sex.

These hormones also create feelings of relaxation, which staves off anxiety and depression.

Just another excuse to get your special someone rocking in the bed.

3. Self-Esteem Boost

Having sex and being intimate have been found to boost oneโ€™s confidence, which is one of the many reasons as to why people engage in sex.

Even if you have a high self-esteem and a high confidence level already, sex will help you feel even better about yourself and who you are.

Great sex begins with self-esteem and ends with an even better self-confident feeling.

If the man is giving you the love, connection, and fulfilling your fantasies, it raises your self-assurance.

Although feeling great about yourself starts and finishes with you, a fabulous sex life can boost the way you feel about yourself.

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