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7 Lies You've Been Told about Sex ...

By Holly

You might think that you're well informed, but women are typically lied to about sex and what it entails. For some reason, we've been taught myths that are completely false, even though they're dangerous to believe. You don't want to be misled about your body, because you deserve to know all about it. Here are a few lies you've been told about sex that you need to realize are completely false:

1 Sex Hurts at First

Despite what you've been taught, sex is not supposed to hurt, not even when you first lose your virginity. When women bleed, it usually isn't caused by the hymen tearing. It's usually from the vaginal tissue tearing, which means that you're not properly lubricated or your muscles are too tight from nerves. If you're mentally ready to have sex with someone, make sure that your body is ready too, because you're not supposed to be feeling any pain.

2 You Should Orgasm from Intercourse

Most women aren't able to orgasm from vaginal sex. It only happens when their clitoris is stimulated. There are even studies now that suggest that it's actually impossible for a woman to have an orgasm through sex alone. So don't feel like there's something wrong with you if you have trouble in the bedroom.

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3 You Can Avoid Pregnancy

You always run the risk of getting pregnant. It doesn't matter if it's your first time having sex, if you're using condoms and birth control, or even if you're on your period. No matter what, there's always a possibility of becoming pregnant.

4 Birth Control Makes You Gain Weight

Many women claim that their birth control caused them to gain weight. However, most studies show that there is no correlation between the pill and weight gain. If you just so happen to gain weight after starting birth control, it's not the pill's fault.

5 Size Matters

The size of a man doesn't make sex any more or less enjoyable. There are a lot of factors that determine whether you're going to enjoy yourself and size isn't one of them. Even though men seem to be obsessed with who is "bigger" than who, it doesn't make much of a difference to the women in their lives.

6 Your Vagina Will Stretch

Your vagina is meant to stretch, so having sex often isn't going to make it any larger than it used to be. It acts like a rubber band, so even after being opened wide, it'll snap right back to its original size. Of course, every woman is born differently, so some are naturally tighter than others are.

7 Men like Sex More

Don't believe the myth that men are way more obsessed with sex than women are. Women can be just as eager as men. They can watch adult videos and they can masturbate--and they should in order to learn what they like. Even though women don't tend to talk about sexual activities as much as men do, there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's healthy!

It's dangerous for women to continue to believe lies about sex. We all deserve to know the truth about our bodies, so make sure to inform your friends if they aren't aware of what you've just learned. What other lies have you been taught about sex?

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