20 Amazingly Effective Tips on How to Gain Weight Fast ...

You, my dear, are the 1%.

No, not the target of Occupy Wall Streetโ€™s frustration and anger โ€” the 1% of women who want to gain weight, rather than lose it.

While that number is completely fictional (itโ€™s actually closer to 10%), it sure feels that way, doesnโ€™t it, when the world is full of weight loss tips with nary a single bit of weight gain advice to be found.

As an ex-scrawny girl, I can help!

Here are 20 tips on how to gain weight fast, and safely!

1. Rule One: Eat Healthily!

Rule One: Eat Healthily!

How to gain weight fast doesnโ€™t mean to eat everything any anything you want.

You still have to consider your heart health, so donโ€™t go for foods loaded with saturated fats and empty calories.

Make Sure Thereโ€™s No Problem