7 Common Misconceptions about Female Contraception ...


When it comes to having sex, many women are brought up in taboo-ridden environments where they are completely misinformed when it comes to what goes on under the sheets, thus creating entire generations of women who have to deal with an influx of what I like to call "contraception misconceptions." Contraception misconceptions completely defeat the purpose of having protected sex! There are so many old wives tales and misinformed teenagers eager to uncover the truth, so I have put together a much needed list of 7 common misconceptions about female contraception.

1. You Can’t Get Pregnant if He Pulls out before He Ejaculates

Probably the most common contraception misconception amongst teenagers and inexperienced women today... what a flat out myth! Even if your best friend tells you this works, I can assure you it most certainly does not. Why? Because there is a little something that exists within the male body called pre-ejaculate, which can get you pregnant just the same as a full on ejaculation. Not to mention you’re still at risk for STDs. So do not rely on this outdated withdrawal method to protect you from getting pregnant. For one you’re putting a lot of trust in your partner and in the heat of the moment it’s not easy to pull out.

You Can’t Get Pregnant if It’s Your First Time
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