7 Detox Symptoms and How to Avoid Them ...


No one enjoys detox symptoms when youโ€™re detoxing. Ideally, you should take a few days off from work or other commitments when detoxing to help manage symptoms. But if youโ€™re forced to work through a detox, you might experience some annoying detox symptoms that can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Try these tips for making your detox easier on your body and more effective.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is by far one of the most common detox symptoms people complain about. Because so much energy is being spent expunging all the toxic waste and buildup in your body, you might not be having as much energy as youโ€™re used to. You probably have also cut caffeine, so if youโ€™re used to a morning latte waking you up, itโ€™s normal to feel tired for a few days. Make sure your calorie intake is up! Cutting out a lot of different food groups can make it so youโ€™re not eating enough. Increase your intake of fruits, drinks, and other high-calorie foods on your detox and see if that helps manage your fatigue levels.

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