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7 Ayurvedic Spices That Will Put an End to Your Tummy Troubles ...

By Chelsie

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system from India, and it often incorporates specific Ayurvedic spices to help people feel their best. While Ayurvedic spices are used for many different health complaints, they are often used to help people with digestive complaints. Many of the spices are spices you probably already have in your cupboard, which is very helpful because they can put an end to digestive complaints such as bloating and nausea.

1 Cinnamon

CinnamonCinnamon is a favorite spice of many people because it has such a warm, comforting flavor. While you may sprinkle your oatmeal with cinnamon or use it in pumpkin pie, it is actually one of the Ayurvedic spices that can help tummy troubles. Cinnamon can help with gas, diarrhea, and even morning sickness. To get the benefit of cinnamon, you can actually drink cinnamon tea. Just steep some cinnamon in hot water.

2 Cardamom

CardamomCardamom is another Ayurvedic spice often used for digestive complaints. It is very soothing to the digestive system and helps settle stomachs that are upset because of stress. Cardamom has floral notes and can be quite strong, so only use a little bit. It can be used in savory and sweet dishes. I often add it to peach and banana smoothies.


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3 Coriander

CorianderCoriander is found in many different world cuisines, including Mexican and Indian food, because it adds great flavor. Aside from adding great flavor, it can also ease gas, bloating, and cramping. As a result, coriander is a great spice for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

4 Cumin

CuminCumin is an especially useful spice for digestion problems. It aids digestion and assimilation of food by stimulating digestive enzymes. It also helps with gas and can relieve stomach aches. You can add cumin to soups and stews to help with your digestion. It is especially good in chili.

5 Ginger

GingerGinger is an Ayurvedic spice that is commonly used for nausea. In fact, its ability to relieve nausea is so well known that many people use ginger when they are nauseous. Drinking ginger tea is a great way to relieve nausea, but you can also find ginger chews and candied ginger, which children tend to love.

6 Black Pepper

Black PepperBlack pepper sits on everyone’s dinner table right next to the salt. People sprinkle it on many things to add flavor, including mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and soups and stews. However, black pepper actually does more than flavor your food. It also eases indigestion and gas.

7 Fennel Seeds

Fennel SeedsFennel seeds are fantastic for gastrointestinal problems. They relieve acidic stomachs, cramps, and gas. Fennel seeds can be steeped in hot water to make fennel tea, or you can buy fennel tea at your health food store. It has a delightful licorice flavor, which you can enjoy as it eases you digestive problems. If the thought of fennel tea is offputting, you can also just chew fennel seeds. In India, fennel is often chewed after a meal because it helps so much with digestion.

Having digestive problems is quite miserable. However, these spices can ease your gastrointestinal problems and help you feel better. Using them to spice your food and drinking them in teas can be very beneficial. Did you know spices could help with digestive complaints?


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