7 Homemade Remedies for Warts ...


7 Homemade Remedies for Warts ...
7 Homemade Remedies for Warts ...

If you want to avoid over the counter treatments, there are homemade remedies for warts you can try. It is a good idea not to ignore a wart. As it is caused by a virus, one wart can spread to other parts of your body and also between people through contact. If you have one or more, maybe one of these homemade remedies for warts will do the trick and remove it/them.

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Honey has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties and is one of the fairly cheap and effective homemade remedies for warts. For this treatment you will need raw honey and a bandage. The trick is to file away the wart and then cover with a thick layer of honey and wrap in a bandage. Leave the honey on the wart for 24 hours and change the bandage and reapply the honey each day until the wart has gone.


Poke It with a Needle

For this you need a sterilized needle and a little bit of guts - if you don’t like needles then this one is not for you! Poke the needle into the wart and take it out. Once you have done this your body will start to fight the virus that is causing the wart and will eventually kill it off.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and will attack the flesh of the wart, allowing it to be peeled away from the skin. Gather together two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, cotton wool balls and a bandage. Soak the cotton wool ball in the vinegar then gently press it onto the infected area and secure it there with a strip of bandage. Do this each night, applying fresh vinegar and cloth. This is not an instant fix, however it should do the job in a couple of weeks.



Basil is full of anti-viral compounds and can help to beat the virus that has caused the wart. For this you’ll need around ¼ of a cup of fresh basil, something to crush the leaves and a bandage. Crush the basil until the juice comes out of the leaves. Apply this directly onto the wart and cover with a bandage. Do this daily until the wart has gone, it should take around 1-2 weeks.


Vitamin C

You can kill off your dreaded wart by applying Vitamin C directly to it. Use lemon juice for a boost of vitamin C with the added bonus of it being acidic, helping to kill it off. For this treatment you will need a vitamin C tablet, a pestle and mortar and a dash of fresh lemon juice. Crush the tablet and add enough lemon juice to form a thick paste. Apply this to the wart and then wrap a bandage around it. This is something you will need to do daily for a couple of weeks until the wart dies off.


Mashed Banana

Bananas contain an enzyme that will eat away at your wart. For this you will need a banana peel and a spoon to scrape out the inside of the peel. Two times a day scrape the inside from the banana peel and apply to the infected area. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after to ensure that you don’t spread the wart to anywhere else on your body. Keep at this home remedy until the wart has vanished.


Soak in Pineapple Juice

When you soak your wart in pineapple juice it will become much softer. The highly acidic juice can help to dissolve your wart. Be warned though, this can sting a little at first! Find yourself some pure organic pineapple juice and pour it into a bowl. Three times a day soak your wart in the juice for around five minutes. Remove from the bowl and dry with a clean towel. Keep in mind that filing your wart before you do this is really going to make it sensitive and cause the sting to be much worse!

Homemade remedies for warts will take a little longer than chemical wart removers and they probably sting more, but if you prefer natural healing they’re better for you to try – together with a little patience. Do you have any old family remedies for warts?

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I used bentonite clay then I wrapped my finger in gauze and slept with it on my finger. It killed it over night and even turned black. It was an interestingly sight when it just popped right out.

My hubby has warts will ask him to use one of these ideas

Thanks for the great tips!

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