18 Facts about Stress ...


Are you looking for facts about stress? Stress can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we are under stress and don’t even realize it until it’s taken over. Since so many things can cause stress in our lives, and there are so many ways to handle stress, I thought it would be helpful to everyone if I put together a list of 18 Facts about Stress. This list will cover everything from what causes stress, ways to relieve it, how the body reacts to stress, and how it affects us at different ages.

1. Silent Killer

Some people refer to stress as a silent killer. Why? Because stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain and irregular heartbeat. All of these things are horrible for your heart and can lead to serious complications like heart attack and stroke. Isn’t it insane how stress can sneak up on you and cause all these health concerns?

Stressful Cities
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