8 Foods Not to Eat on a First Date ...


First dates are important, ladies, and there are certain foods not to eat on a first date to make the best impression, along with that killer dress. This list isn’t about calories or carbs, but about mood and scent. You don’t want to eat anything that will bloat you up or give you stomach issues to sour your mood. Certain foods can also make your breath stink, which is obviously a nightmare on a first date. So before you order, consider these top 8 foods not to eat on a first date. With all the healthy and yummy options out there, you can pick something that may just get you a second date!

1. Onions

This may seem obvious, but onions are one of the top foods not to eat on first date, especially the raw ones found on hamburgers, tacos, nachos and salads. Avoid them if at all possible. Onions are super-healthy for you, but due to their sulfur-containing properties that make them detoxifying to the body, they also downright stink. They linger on your breath, even after a stick of gum, so simply avoid them if at all possible.

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