Health Benefits of Coffee 👍☕️for Girls Concerned Their Love of a Cuppa' Joe is Bad ☕️ ...


Coffee is technically a stimulant, which means that it’s possible to over do it, but the truth is that a moderate coffee habit can actually be really good for you.

That's right!

There are many health benefits of coffee so you can stop feeling guilty about pouring another cup.

Of course it’s always possible to get too much of a good thing so don't go too crazy.

But here are some reasons why your coffee habit is not actually a bad thing.

Here are the best health benefits of coffee.

1. It Can Boost Your Mood

One of the best health benefits of coffee is that it makes you happy.

If you get a little pep in your step after drinking a cup of coffee it’s not just your imagination that you’re feeling happier.

Some studies actually suggest that coffee can boost the levels of dopamine in your brain.

Other studies have found that coffee drinkers are less likely to experience depression.2

2. It Can Help Keep You Regular

Anyone who drinks coffee has likely experienced the helpful boost to the digestive system.

This is thought to be from both the warmth of the drink as well as the caffeine content.

It can be a nice way to get on a regular digestive schedule as you’re starting the day.

3. It Can Make You Smarter

The boost from coffee doesn’t just make you feel more awake, it actually makes your brain work more efficiently as well.

When caffeine hits the brain it blocks the neurotransmitter adenosine.

When adenosine is blocked, other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine start firing more, which can then increase the number of neurons that are firing in the brain.

The more active the neurons are, the smarter you’ll be thinking.

4. It Can Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Coffee has actually been found to lower blood sugar.

Experts aren’t sure why exactly, but suggest that it might have something to do with the antioxidant content.

When your blood sugar isn’t spiking throughout the day, your mood and hunger levels will remain more stable as well.

It’s Good for the Heart
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