7 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil ...


There are some surprising health benefits of coconut oil! We used to think that coconut oil was one of the less healthy fats, actually contributing to heart disease! Of course, weโ€™ve learned along the way that this isnโ€™t true. According to Doctor Oz, coconut oil is a very heart-healthy food that can keep your body running smoothly in several different ways! Read on to learn a few excellent health benefits of coconut oil!

1. Boosted Immune System

My favorite of all the awesome health benefits of coconut oil is that it can boost and improve your immune system! No one likes to be sick with a virus, so around flu season make sure you eat a little extra coconut oil! And coconut oil is also known to fight off yeast and fungi, as well as harmful bacteria you may come into contact with on a daily basis.

Lower Cholesterol
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