9 Interesting Facts about Anger and the Body We All Should Know ...


If you have ever been so upset that your blood boils, then you have experienced the interconnectedness of anger and the body.

Anger happens - maybe you were cut-off in traffic, heard something offensive, or perhaps your trash was not collected on trash day.

Sometimes it feels as if anything can send you over the edge if you let it.

Check out a few important facts about anger and the body to know.

1. Emotional Overload

When we are angry our stress hormones increase, blood pressure rises, and blood vessels constrict, resulting in increased heart rate and rapid breathing.

This internal chain reaction of anger and the body is similar to the physiological expressions of β€œfight or flight.” In distressing situations these conditions can be helpful.

However, triggering this chain reaction too often damages your cardiovascular system over time.

2. Heart Disease

If you are chronically angry but otherwise healthy, you are 19% more likely to develop heart disease than people who are more relaxed.

Similarly, if you already have heart disease, chronic anger will exacerbate your health.

As such, many doctors now consider anger a risk factor for heart disease.

It is important to note that we are not talking about short bits of anger but persistent intense expressions of anger.

3. Facial Distortions

Have you ever been told that you should not twist your face for risk of it staying that way?

Well, there is a little truth to that old wives’ tale.

When you feel anger, the expression usually registers on your face.

Your eyes narrow, brow furrows, and lips tighten.

Do that enough times and voila!

- You end up with frown lines and permanent creases.

4. Body Reactions

The physical reaction is not limited to creased facial skin.

The act of screwing up our faces in reaction to anger can also put pressure on our teeth and jaws.

Many of us clench our jaws when we are angry and end up grinding our teeth.

Guess what comes next - the illustrious tension headache.


Others of us also experience excessive sweating, tense neck muscles, and clenched fists.

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