7 Interesting Facts about Connective Tissue ...


Connective tissue isn’t a part of anatomy that is often discussed; however, it is such an important part of the human body that it is worth learning some facts about connective tissue. If you have not heard about connective tissue that often, you may wonder why I am saying it is so important. Well, one of the facts about connective tissue is that it is the most abundant tissue in the body! It also provides form and structure. Without connective tissue, your body wouldn’t even closely resemble what it does. There are many different types of connective tissue, and they all serve a slightly different purpose. Yet, as different as they are, all connective tissues are each made of protein and sugars and help you have a healthy, functioning body.

1. Bones

One of the most unique facts about connective tissue is that it can be hard or soft, which brings us to bones. Did you know that your bones are actually a type of connective tissue? Bones are dense connective tissues that provide structure to your body, and unlike many other types of connective tissue bones are highly mineralized. Sixty percent of the bone matrix is primarily composed of calcium and phosphate. The rest of your bones are made up of water and the bone matrix. What is the bone matrix you ask? The bone matrix is made up of proteins and collagen. Collagen is of special interest because it provides strength to bones and helps them not be brittle. It actually gives your bones a certain amount of elasticity and helps prevent fractures. This demonstrates that while minerals are very important for bones, you certainly want to make sure you are getting enough collagen supporting Vitamin C and silica, which can, respectively, be found in red bell peppers and cucumbers.

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