9 Interesting Things to Know about Your Hands ...


Thereโ€™s no doubting that your hands are one of the most vital parts of your body, and seriously how would you manage without them, but what are the most important things to know about your hands?

Iโ€™ve looked into the construction, how they work and explored some non-body avenues in my quest to find you the most interesting things to know about your hands.2

Please read on and enjoy.

1. They Make Us Different

The human hand is almost unique in the animal kingdom, only apesโ€™ hands have a similar structure.

And, one of the things to know about your hands is the thing that sets us (and the apes) apart from other animals with paws/hands: our opposable thumbs.

This means that our thumbs and fingers can work together, enabling us to do a huge number of far more complicated and sophisticated things with our hands than other species.


Koala bears also have opposable thumbs.)

2. Itโ€™s All in the Structure

The hand is a complicated prehensile structure of bones, tendons and nerves.

Itโ€™s basically built in 3 sections: the palm (the opposite side is called the opisthenar);

the heel;

and the fingers and thumb.

One of the facts about hands that generally everyone knows is the names of the fingers, which are: the index finger (aka the forefinger);

the middle finger;

the ring finger;

and the little finger.

3. Dem Bones, Dem Bones

There are 27 bones in the human hand.

There are also numerous tiny sesamoid bones โ€“ which differ in number person to person โ€“ that appear in the handโ€™s tendons.

Of the 27 bones, 8 are the carpals (the wrist bones), 5 metacarpals which connect the fingers to the wrist and the 14 phalanges of the thumb and fingers.

To make them all knit together, there are 29 joints and at least 123 named ligaments.

A Matter of Muscles
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