Juice Cleanses: How It Can Get Your Health Back on Track ...


There are so many reasons to go on a juice cleanse. I did one last month and couldn't have been happier with the results! I saw a dramatic change in my body - I was no longer craving junk food, my skin had improved, and I had even dropped a few pounds. I got my cleanse from juicerxcleanse.com but there are SO many different ones that you can look into to fit your needs/budget. Check out some of the reasons to go on a juice cleanse and how it can kickstart your health:

1. Resting Your Digestive System

Drinking only whole-food juices reduces the amount of input and stress on your gut and digestive system. Your body uses this time to heal and recharge! Doing a juice cleanse is like pressing a 'reset' button on your health and giving your body enough time to play catch-up. This is just one of the many reasons to go on a juice cleanse!

Reducing Your Appetite
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