Juice Cleanses: How It Can Get Your Health Back on Track ...


There are so many reasons to go on a juice cleanse.

I did one last month and couldn't have been happier with the results!

I saw a dramatic change in my body - I was no longer craving junk food, my skin had improved, and I had even dropped a few pounds.2

I got my cleanse from juicerxcleanse.com but there are SO many different ones that you can look into to fit your needs/budget.

Check out some of the reasons to go on a juice cleanse and how it can kickstart your health:

1. Resting Your Digestive System

Drinking only whole-food juices reduces the amount of input and stress on your gut and digestive system.

Your body uses this time to heal and recharge!2

Doing a juice cleanse is like pressing a 'reset' button on your health and giving your body enough time to play catch-up.

This is just one of the many reasons to go on a juice cleanse!

2. Reducing Your Appetite

Juicing eliminates the habit of comfort eating and makes you feel satisfied with less food than usual.

When I finished my juice cleanse, I no longer craved those midnight snacks.2

It opens your eyes to the times you eat when you're hungry vs.

the times you eat when you're bored.

This provides a big psychological boost to help you start changing habits.

3. No Stress

It's a lot of stress to think about what you're prepping for dinner every night.

Juicing makes it easier because it's focused on consuming fresh whole food produce every few hours.

It keeps you feeling full which keeps you from feeling stressed all day long!

4. Eliminate Harmful Foods

While on a juice cleanse, dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods are eliminated from your diet (as well as coffee and alcohol).

Being off these things -- and other common trigger foods -- and then reintroducing them to your body can also help define what foods are causing your body any problems.

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