7 Possible Reasons Why Your Joints Ache All the Time ...


It might not hurt to take a look into the actual reasons why your joints ache, instead of just trying to get relief with over the counter pain medicines. Joint pain can come from many different things, and it can be somewhat challenging to figure out just what the culprit might be. If you’re stiff, achy and in pain daily, don’t just keep popping pills. Take a look into these reasons why your joints ache and hopefully, you’ll be able to figure things out and feel better soon.

1. Your Diet

I am a firm believer that, above all else, our diets determine how we feel, so consider your diet as one of the reasons why your joints ache so much. How do your meals look each day? Are they filled with plant foods, low in meat and dairy, and have enough healthy fats? If so, your diet’s in good shape! However, if you’re eating sugar, processed food, large amounts of dairy, artificial sweeteners, animal protein at every meal, or sources of gluten, then you’re probably suffering inflammation. These foods are highly inflammatory, and no matter what you do, if your diet is inflammatory, your body will be too. Add exercise to the mix, and you’ve got even more inflammation. Exercise is actually fantastic for your joints, but your body needs to be refueled with anti-inflammatory foods, not acidic ones. Add more plants to your plate, and your joints will suffer less ache.

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