7 Signs You Are Sleep Deprived ...


You should take notice of the signs you are sleep deprived before it turns into a serious problem. Recently I have been experiencing a dramatic lack of sleep due to school, work and internship, and seen the effects that it had on me. I wasn’t focusing, I kept falling asleep in warm rooms, and taking naps. So if more than three of these signs you are sleep deprived match up, you should take serious action and get your sleeping schedule back on track.

1. You Struggle to Get up in the Morning

If you constantly hit the snooze button on your alarm clock and struggle to get out of bed, you are more than likely sleep deprived. If your body and mind is not ready to wake up and you have to force yourself, this means that you are not giving yourself sufficient time to recuperate. So if you can’t wake up and are oftentimes late to work or school, this should be one of the warning signs you are sleep deprived.

You Are Irritable Throughout the Week
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