7 Signs You Might Need a Cleanse That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


So it's January and since most of us are looking at the toll that the festive excesses have taken on our bodies, there are definitely some signs you might need a cleanse that you shouldn't ignore. Now, I'm not advocating any particular cleanse; these are just a few signs that, as a starting point, it may be time to cut down on excess fatty or salty foods, alcohol and drink plenty of water. It might be you want to try a juice cleanse or other detox therapies but what's important is that you do what is right for you to address these signs you might need a cleanse.

1. Tongue Trouble

One of the signs you might need a cleanse will be found in your mouth. Your tongue and mouth can reveal so much about your body and the way it is feeling. If your liver isn't very happy, your mouth will show you some signs. If your breath is a little smelly or your tongue is coated with a white film, it can be a sign of a sluggish liver. Chances are, over the past few weeks, you may have over-indulged on rich food and alcohol. And why not, that's what the festivities are for! However, the liver may be suffering a little as a consequence and as it processes about 75% of the body's waste products, it's no wonder that at this time of year it may be suffering from post festivity overload. There are other things which can put a strain on the liver, such as over the counter headache remedies, antibiotics and high protein diets.

Lower Back Pain
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