Is It Time for a Detox? ...


If you’ve been feeling tired, cranky, or can’t explain your recent weight gain, these could all be signs you need a detox. Detoxing is a powerful tool to help reboot your system and when done the right way, they can be a safe and healthy way to boost any weight loss or healthy program. Many of the chronic systems you suffer from, like fatigue and joint pain, are actually signs you need a detox. Keep reading to figure out if any of your latest symptoms, like a lack of energy or food cravings, could be alleviated by a simple detox.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms plaguing women—and also one of the classic signs you need a detox. Regardless of if you stayed up late for a work project, partied all night with the girls, or had to take care of a sick child, chronic fatigue is not something that should be overlooked. Sure, many people are chronically sleep deprived. But if you’re sleeping enough and still feel tired all the time, a detox could be just what you need. As always, check with a medical professional to make sure there’s no underlying cause of your fatigue. But for many people, fatigue is a sign that their system has been bogged down by all the processed food and synthetic additives they’ve been ingesting.

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