10 Weird 🙃 Signs of Dehydration 💦 Most People Don't Realize 💡 ...


Do you know the signs you're dehydrated?

The most obvious sign of dehydration is of course thirst.

But, it's just one of many different indicators that the body needs some water ASAP.

The following are all signs you're dehydrated that might be a bit unexpected.

Knowing what they are can help you catch dehydration sooner.

1. Feeling Tired

Tiredness during the day (if you slept well) is one of the classic signs you're dehydrated.

Food isn’t the only thing you need to be ingesting to feel alert.

Water is crucial for normal body function, as it makes up a good amount of your body mass.

When you’re dehydrated the volume of your blood lowers, which means that the body has to work harder to pump it to the brain.2

When you brain isn’t being oxygenated properly, you might feel like going to sleep.

2. Bad Breath

Your saliva has some natural functions, one of which is to help sweep bacteria out of your mouth.

When you aren’t drinking enough water, you might experience dry mouth or lack of saliva.

This allows bacteria to build up in there, and eventually, your breath will start to smell.

3. Cravings for Sweets

When you get dehydrated, your body might be fully aware that it needs something.

It just might not know exactly how to translate what that something is.

Sometimes when you get dehydrated, you actually start craving sweet stuff.

This is from the failed effort of your body to break down glycogen to release it as glucose for energy.

When it can’t create that energy, it assumes it needs more food, even when what it needs is actually more water.

4. Dry Skin

It makes sense that when your body isn’t properly hydrated your skin will begin showing signs of that.

If you pinch your skin, and it’s a little more sluggish than usual as it flattens back out, this could be due to dehydration.

Note this also starts to happen with age, but that’s partly because the skin doesn’t retain hydration as well.

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