8 Smart Ways to Avoid a Negative Body Image ...


It's so important to avoid negative body image, no matter what your age or your gender. Girls, boys, women, and men can all suffer from a negative self image. It's tragically common, but you can absolutely avoid it. Embracing yourself, learning to see your flaws as the special attributes that make you a unique individual, and loving every part of yourself will definitely take time, determination, and a lot of effort on your part – but avoiding a negative body image is possible, I promise. I say this as someone who's gone through a long, hard journey herself. Improving your body image doesn't happen overnight, but all it takes is that first step, and here's some advice that can really help you.

1. Ignore the Numbers

In many cases, negative self images begin with weight. I know that telling you to ignore the scale is easier said than done, but doing is will help you avoid negative body image. Your health is not necessarily based on your weight – neither is your self worth or your beauty. If you are unhealthy, if your at risk for heart disease, diabetes, or any of the other problems associated with weight, then absolutely, getting healthy is important. However, being skinny does not guarantee health, nor does it guarantee beauty, and having curves doesn't mean that you're unhealthy or ugly. Forget about the numbers on the scale. Focus on how you feel and what your body is telling you.

Ditch the Diets
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