7 Steps for Healthy Weight Gain ...


Just like weight loss is a difficult process for many people, weight gain can be an equally difficult process for others.

It can require patience, discipline, special dietary components, and training.

If you are struggling to maintain a healthy body weight, use these 7 steps for healthy weight gain to help you get on track.

1. Analyze Where You Are Starting

You first need to know how many calories you are consuming on a regular basis.

Take a few days and monitor everything you eat as well as the caloric content.2

Don’t alter your normal foods, just stop and record how many calories you are consuming.

Use an online calorie calculator if necessary.

2. Eat the Right Foods

If you want to gain weight in a healthy manner, you can’t just eat anything in sight.

Eat foods that are known to build lean muscle mass such as protein like steak or chicken as well as dairy, fruit, and vegetables.

Look for nutrient dense foods, not just foods high in calories.2

3. Eat More Often

Aim for at least 6 meals a day.

By eating more often you’re increasing your calories and keeping your metabolism going, which will help you to gain lean mass instead of fat.

4. Add in Resistance Training

Want to gain weight?

Hit the weight room!

Focus on large muscle groups that will give your more results for your work.

Work on building strength, which will in turn lead to increased size.

5. Weigh Yourself

Make sure you are weighing in at least once a week.

If you aren’t gaining weight, start adding an additional 250 calories per day.

Also be wary of gaining weight too quickly.

You don’t want to gain more than 2 lbs.

per week, or you run the risk of gaining fat instead of gaining lean muscle mass.

Drink Water
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