7 Surprising Facts about Your Stomach ...


Facts about the stomach are useful for anyone who may be considering a diet or anyone who suffers stomach problems. What we think of as the stomach is part of the gastro-intestinal tract which basically starts at the mouth and ends at the rectum. Like every part of the human body, it is an intricate piece of biological machinery that carries out a mass of functions in the process of living and as such we rarely give thought to facts of the stomach – it’s just there, going about its daily business. For anyone interested in their dietary health here are 7 Surprising Facts About Your Stomach:

1. Digestion Doesn’t Take Place in the Stomach

The lower intestine is responsible for digesting the food we eat. The stomach is like a mixing machine. Food enters the stomach where it mixes with acids and enzymes which break it down into particles called chime. The chime then passes to the lower intestine where it is processed into energy, fat or waste product.

You Cannot Shrink Your Stomach
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