7 Things to Know about DHEA and Your Hormone Health ...


DHEA is a natural endogenous hormone made in the human body, and there are some things to know about DHEA that can have a huge impact on your sense of well being, your weight, energy, and your sex drive.

DHEA is secreted by the adrenal glands, and helps produce oher male and female hormones.

It is mostly responsible for maintaining a healthy sex drive, mental outlook,and can also help maintain your weight.2

In terms of hormone health, there are some interesting things to know about DHEA before you decide to supplement, or if you’re not sure if supplementation is necessary.

To find out what you need to know, check out these facts below.

1. Decreases with Age

Personally, I think one of the most important things to know about DHEA is that it decreases with age.

This is one reason many women have issues with a sluggish libido, metabolism, and often develop depression as they get older.2

Because DHEA produces both estrogen and testosterone in the body, natural bodily functions that work off these hormones also decrease.

2. It Can’t Be Consumed through Foods

Many vitamins and nutrients in the body can be eaten through a varietal diet, full of nutrition-rich foods, yet DHEA cannot.

It isn’t possible to “eat your way” to enough DHEA like it is with protein, calcium, B vitamins, etc.

3. Adrenal Health

Because DHEA is produced in our adrenal glands, it also optimizes how our adrenals function.

In case you didn’t know, your adrenal glands, located right above your kidneys, are responsible for a huge number of responses, factors, and processes in your body.

These glands control how tired you are, how you feel mentally, inflammation levels, your libido and more.

It is essential to take care of them through a well balanced, diet, an alkaline diet, and a low stress lifestyle.

Supplements Can Help
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