7 Things You Should Know before Taking Prescription Sleeping Medications ...


Before taking prescription sleeping medications, there are several things about them you should know. Prescription sleeping pills have become extremely common. They are so common that it is to not unusual to see a commercial on TV for them or flip through a magazine and find an advertisement for them. With so many people taking them and so many advertisements, it can be very easy to think these medications are a safe way to solve a sleeping problem. However, they do come with risks, which is one thing you need to know before taking prescription sleeping medications.

1. Impaired Thinking

A major side effect of prescription sleeping medications is impaired thinking the day after you take them. Your thought processes can be slower, you can experience confusion about identity, place, and time, and you can make mistakes you normally wouldn’t make. Controlled studies even show that students perform worse on exams when they take a sleeping pill. Before taking prescription sleeping medications it is important to understand that almost all sleeping pills also immediately impair memory, which lasts into the following day. There are only a few prescription sleeping medications that leave your system fast enough to be mostly gone by morning. These include Ambien, Sonata, and Halcion. Lunesta and Ambien CR will result in impairment that lasts longer throughout the day.

Impaired Performance
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