7 Things Your Eyes Say about Your Health ...


Believe it or not, there are many things your eyes say about your health. The color of your eyes, the size of your pupils, and even eye sensitivity can provide insight into your total well-being, which is why a visit to the ophthalmologist could get you more than a pair of glasses. It could also provide you with insight into a seemingly unrelated health problem. Seeing the ophthalmologist is relatively pain free, and, since there are many things your eyes say about your health, it is a good idea to have your eyes checked regularly. That being said, sometimes your eyes speak volumes, and you don’t even need to see an ophthalmologist to know you need to get a checkup from your family doctor. At times, you can see the problem with your own two eyes.

1. Grey Rings

Having grey rings around the cornea could indicate a condition known as circumferential arcus. While this medical term is quite fancy, it simply means that a person has a grey or white ring around their cornea that indicates high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Generally, cholesterol and triglyceride levels have to be very high for this to happen. Therefore, if you do notice grey or white rings around your eyes, you should make an appointment with your family doctor. He or she can order a blood test to check your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If they do come back high, you should discuss dietary changes with your doctor. Aside from high cholesterol and triglycerides, there are many other things your eyes say about your health.

Dry and Light Sensitive Eyes
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