Tips for Coping with Agoraphobia ...


Agoraphobia is a much misunderstood condition, and sufferers are often mocked or told they should 'get over it'.

It's not, as is often thought, a fear of open spaces, but rather a fear of being in public places and away from the safety of the home.

I used to suffer from agoraphobia, and it's horrible.

So if you're agoraphobic, here are some tips that may help …

1. It Exists Just as Any Physical Illness Does

People will often tell agoraphobics that it's "all in their mind".

This ignores that the symptoms are very real.

Agoraphobia exists just as any physical illness does.

So don't feel that you're imagining it or 'making it up' - you have a condition that is not your fault.

Seek Help
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