Destructive Habits That Can Cause You to Feel Exhausted All the Time📱💻💊⏰ ...

Do you feel like you’re exhausted all the time? You probably are. Most of us don’t get the quality rest that we need. Sleep is more important to our health than we realize. Making an effort to get a better night’s sleep will pay off; you’ll feel better, look better and be your best self!

1. You’re Running Short on Shut-eye

Sometimes the reason you’re exhausted is because you’re simply not getting enough sleep. Most of us don’t log the 7-8 hours we truly need. I’ll admit that I usually run on 6 and I can tell it’s not enough. When I do get 8 hours of sleep I feel so much more refreshed. Getting enough sleep is a goal I definitely need to work on.

2. You’re Completely Stressed out

Stress affects sleep quality, plain and simple. When you’re stressed, it can prevent you from getting the sleep that you need. It can also affect the quality of sleep that you get. You may not sleep as deeply as your body needs or have bad dreams about the stressful situations in your life. Try implementing some stress management tools such as exercise, journaling about your stress or talking to a friend so that you can get better rest at night.

3. You Stay Connected to Electronics 24/7

Technology is amazing and has changed our lives in so many positive ways. One of the not so great ways is that it follows us to bed and interrupts bedtime if we allow it to. It’s hard to set boundaries for yourself with technology, but it’ll pay off if you do. Put down your phone and pick up some light reading instead when you’re trying to wind down. It’ll make a big difference in helping your body be ready for sleep.

4. Your Medications Make You Tired

You may be exhausted as a side effect of your medication. Many medications have a side effect of drowsiness. Antihistamines are bad for this. Your daily allergy pill may be why you can’t stop yawning during your classes. If it’s an issue, ask your doctor to prescribe an alternative medication.

5. You Can’t Turn Your Mind off

I’ve been there and done that with this scenario. You lie down and your mind is suddenly bursting with hundreds of thoughts. You’re thinking about personal situations in your life or all the things you want to do tomorrow. What helps me is to keep a notepad beside my bed to write down things I think of at night and am afraid I’ll forget. I also use relaxation techniques when my mind is racing and they’re very effective in calming my thoughts and helping me fall asleep.

6. Your Mattress is Uncomfortable

An uncomfortable mattress may be the culprit behind your exhaustion. You may not be getting a good night’s rest because your mattress needs to be replaced. Mattresses are expensive; there’s no question there. But your sleep is important and you’re worth the investment. If you can’t replace your mattress right now then at least purchase a quality mattress pad to help you sleep better.

7. You Just Struggle with Insomnia

Some unlucky people just struggle with insomnia. If this is true for you, take steps to eliminate insomnia from your life by cutting back on caffeine and making your bedroom as restful as possible. If you’re still struggling after making these changes then it’s time to talk to your doctor. There are many options to help you get the rest you need. Insomnia is frustrating as well as unhealthy.

These are some reasons that you may be struggling with exhaustion. Hopefully these tips can help you to rest better at night. What’s affecting your sleep?