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Drawing Can Relieve Stress and More ...

By Lauren

Drawing is a delightful pastime that can have positive effects on all areas of your life. If you’re looking for ways to feel happier, calmer and more centered, you might find it when you pick up a pencil and a sketchbook. Want to know why?

1 Reconnect with Your Creative Side

Drawing is a very effective way to stimulate your brain and be at your creative best. It helps you feel like a child again because you draw without worrying about the quality of the final product. You know whatever you create is perfect, and this encourages out-of-the-box thinking. Just spending a few minutes drawing whatever you want will unleash a playful energy that will make you feel great.

2 Be Able to Control Time

The time you spend drawing is time you spend nourishing a connection between you and your surroundings, and this will help you see things for what they really are. You will be able to clear your mind and live in present. All you need is a pencil and paper and you're good to go.


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3 Create a Book of Memories

They say a picture can say a thousand words, and drawing will help you put those thousands words in your sketchbook in a few minutes. You can draw something to keep a record of everyday moments, and in a few month's time, you will have with you an interesting book of memories.

4 Communicate in an Impressive Way

One of many reasons to draw is that it works amazingly well to broaden your communicative range and allows you to express what you want, what you feel, or what your vision for something is. Drawing helps demonstrate multiple emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It's a perfect mode of communication for people who are shy and find it difficult to share their thoughts verbally in a fluid and natural manner.

5 Learn to Fight Perfectionism

Drawing is not like math, and there's no correct answer. It means you can start drawing even if you think you cannot do it well. Drawing gives you the chance to roll with the punches and use your mistakes as an opportunity for improvisation. Let your spirit run wild and keep playing with your pencil to sketch something interesting.

6 Discover Beauty in Imperfections

Drawing develops a habit of observing things closely. You will learn to see more by paying attention to detail. It fuels your imagination and opens your mind and heart to new possibilities, which helps you to experience the world in a completely different way and have a bigger picture view of life. With a change of perspective you will be able to learn and appreciate a half-eaten apple, a chipped mug, and so many other so-called 'imperfect' things in the world around you.

7 Get Rid of Boredom

Start drawing today and never be bored again. You can draw while watching a boring TV show, waiting in your doctor's office, traveling to work, or doing anything that would otherwise make you feel bored. Drawing in those moments is far better than reading tweets on your phone or sitting doing nothing.

8 Boost Your Self-Esteem

Make drawing a part of your life and it will help boost your self-esteem. Trotting out your work for others to comment on is not easy, especially when you're just a beginner, but practice will help create pieces that others will see and appreciate. Simply hanging your latest drawing work on the wall can instill you with the feeling of confidence.

9 Be Part of a Large Community

With the internet it is easy to find supportive and encouraging online communities created for artists like you. Drawing will help you make new friends. You will find new ideas for your next drawing work by interacting with likeminded people – it will also help hone your drawing skills.

Do you draw or have you ever considered it as a hobby?

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