Self-Care Tips for Workaholics Who Never Take a Break ...

Having been a serious workaholic myself in the past, I know that the one thing you pay least attention to is yourself. Workaholics neglect giving themselves the care that they need in terms of general health and R&R. When you’re in workaholic phase you think you just don’t have time for a cup of tea or a visit to your doctor for a check up. But it’s incredibly important to look after yourself and find time in even the busiest schedule for some self care:

1. Get Regular Sleep

One of the key ways to looks after yourself when you’re a workaholic is to make sure that you get enough rest at night to be able to function in the hard hitting, never-stopping way that you do during the day time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong, committed work ethic, but to balance out your physical and emotional health, you have to make sure that your mind and body gets enough rest to be able support you when you are giving 110% at work on a regular basis.

2. Listen to Your Body

While your mind might be committed to pulling that second all-nighter of the week to get work done, your body might be telling you something different and it is vital that you listen to it and respect its limitations. It is beneficial to heed the subliminal advice of your tiring body and retire to rest when the warnings come. If you choose to ignore your body and carry on working, you are going to hit a brick wall at some point and end up having to have an extended period of time off to recover.

3. Balanced Diet

Rather than cutting corners and taking a number of vitamin supplements to try to get all of the nutrients that you need, make the effort to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. When your body is getting everything that it needs from the foods that you are ingesting, then it can work alongside your mind for so much longer and help you to continue your hard-core work routines.

4. ‘Me’ Time

It is vital that, amongst your hectic work schedule, you still find some time to devote solely to yourself. Being able to unplug yourself from your professional capacity and let your mind unwind, even just for a few hours, can make all the different between mental exhaustion and being able to come back from the break and attack a new work task with full gusto.

5. Exercise

It might seem like the last thing that you have time for when you are working constantly, but exercise is so important to both physical and mental well being, and can be incorporated in to your schedule in clever ways. If you need to make a lot of calls, why not walk laps of the building while you talk? You could also cycle or jog to work every day so that your exercise does not impinge on your prescribed ‘me’ time outside of your job.

6. Outside Time

There is something special and unique about the great outdoors and the way that the sunshine can affect your health. Getting outside, especially if your work involves a lot of small offices with artificial lighting, can enrich your skin with vitamin D, and walking in nature can both improve your concentration and make you happier and more inspired which could directly affect your work output.

7. Take a Vacation

Sometimes it becomes easier to cope with working crazy hours when you know that you have a wonderful vacation waiting for you down the line. Obviously, being a workaholic means that vacation time might not be top of your list, but plan it out at the beginning of the year, book the time off and work towards giving yourself much needed reward in the summer.

8. Read More

Reading is the perfect hobby for a workaholic who might find the act of sitting and watching television too pedestrian for their personality. Reading, though enjoyable, is also a bit of a tasking job, so it will provide you will a feeling of satisfaction while at the same time allowing you to escape in to a fictional universe away from work for a few hours.

9. Take Sick Days

A lot of workaholics will want to power through and still go to work when they have been stricken with the flu or other ailments, but the best advice I can give is that you need to respect your body and use these sick days to rebuild your strength in order to be able to attack work head on when you have recovered. Not making the most of sick days only means that you are going to be under the weather for longer.

10. Bubble Bath

Even if you work all day sitting down in an office, you would be surprised at just how much your body goes through. Remedy this and get ready for another long day tomorrow - run yourself a luxurious bubble bath and let your legs, back and arms soak in the hot, scented water. It is as much a psychological treat as a physical one.

11. Meditation

If your job is accompanied by a lot of work-related stress, then you should dip your toes in to the world of meditation to see if it can help you. Something like a simple breathing exercise can train your body to use oxygen more efficiently, therefore improving your immune system and making you an overall healthier and more relaxed person, which in turn can boost your creativity.

12. Forgive Yourself

With the amount of hours that you choose to work, you are bound to have moments when you don’t complete a task to the best of your ability. The trick to surviving these occasions is to not be too hard on yourself or blame yourself. We all make mistakes, and the best way to overcome them is to go head first in to the next project without letting disappointment linger.

13. Forgive Others

If you are going to be spending a lot of time with your work colleagues, then you don’t want to create an unhealthy or toxic environment by holding grudges or placing blame on people again and again. Treat others how you would wish to be treated and a happy work place means that all of a sudden your job won’t seem so difficult anymore.

14. Embrace a Hobby

You should try to embrace a hobby and become interested in something that is entirely separate from your work. It’s not particularly healthy to only have a single interest in life, so broaden your horizons and you might find that having something else to think about other than work can make you a happier individual.

15. Mani/Pedi

It might seem like a small thing, but having professionally manicured hands and pedicured feet can give you that little extra boost at work that will inspire you to carry on going even when you are tired. You may not have the time to care for your nails yourself, so make the most of a great nail salon and you will be surprised by just how great it makes you feel!

16. Annual Check up

It is super important for somebody who works really hard to have an annual check up at the doctors to make sure that everything is okay. When you are working 24/7, it can be easy not to notice little changes in health, so check yourself in for an MOT with your GP so that nothing goes slipping under the radar.

17. Comfortable Clothing

This doesn’t necessarily mean going to work in sweats, but if you know you are going to be in the office for twelve or so hours, perhaps those six inch heels aren’t going to be the best idea? Always dress according to how you anticipate the day unfolding; you need to look the part but you also want to be reasonably comfortable so that you can complete your projects and still feel great.

It took a serious health issue for me to stop being a workaholic, so on a personal level, I cannot stress how important it is for you to pay attention to your mental and physical well-being. Are you a workaholic and do you give yourself enough TLC?