The Best Ways to Manage Stress from School ...


The Best Ways to Manage Stress from School ...
The Best Ways to Manage Stress from School ...

Contrary to what many of our elder generations think, it’s so not true that students have it easy. No one these days goes to college or university for an easy ride. There’s the pressure of classes, studying, peer pressure, student society and finances. Unless you’re a genius, you will have worked hard to earn your diploma/certification/degree. Here’s how to handle the stress you’ll inevitably feel sometime during your course.

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Healthy Diet

human action, eating, meal, sense, food, One tip for how to manage school stress is to try to maintain a healthy diet. You are probably sick of hearing it, but the healthier your body is, the better you will feel overall and the more equipped you will be able to handle the natural stress that a school environment creates.



human action, active undergarment, clothing, muscle, sports uniform, Along with a healthy diet, you should try to make exercise a regular part of your routine. The endorphins that a good workout creates within your body will give you a feeling of euphoria that melts in to an overall better sense of well being, and it will stand you in better stead for dealing with stressful situations in the classroom and outside.



sports, human positions, physical fitness, arm, muscle, It may sound over simplistic, but finding the time to sit quietly by yourself for ten minutes every day can really help to center the mind and reduce stress levels. It’s easy to get in to if you have never tried it before; just focus on the inhaling and exhaling of your breathing pattern and focus on sending oxygen to every single part of your body.


Regular Breaks

human action, person, red, beauty, drink, If you are trying to complete an assignment that is causing you a lot of stress, then schedule your work so that you can take mini breaks every 45 minutes or so. Taking these regular breaks will give your brain a little time to reset and you will be able to praise yourself for seeing how far you have come between each break.


Play with Your Pet

human action, person, sleep, interaction, hug, If you have a family pet that you can have access to during your most stressful days, then spend a little time playing with them; you will be amazed just how much better you will feel afterwards. It has been scientifically proven that stroking a cat can lower a person’s blood pressure, so there’s an excuse to get one!


Get Some Sleep

wedding dress, white, bride, photograph, clothing, Sleep can be hard to come by if you are feeling particularly stressed, but getting the recommended seven hours a night can go a long way to making you better prepared for the potentially stressful day ahead. Your brain and body needs those hours to fully recharge. You can’t enjoy the party side of college every night.


No Smoking

hair, clothing, photography, beauty, blond, If you are a smoker, then that is something that you can cut out immediately to be able to handle stress better. Some people say smoking relives stress, but actually nicotine is a substance that suppresses the hormone in our bodies that fights stress!


Music Therapy

eyewear, hair, face, glasses, sunglasses, It is actually amazing how much better a great song can make you feel. When the school stress is starting to get the better of you, throw on your headphones and put some of your tunes on full blast. It provides a temporary few minutes of escapism that can make you feel differently about a situation.



clothing, lady, fashion, leg, spring, It can be hard to find laughter in times of stress, but there really is something to the phrase that laughter is the best medicine. Being able to have a good laugh with some friends is pretty much the perfect form of school stress relief.

If you are a student or were not so long ago, how do you/did you handle stress? What did you find most stressful about being a student?

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Some of these are good temporary strategies for relieving stress. But there's always back to reality.


Exactly. I’ve been having breakdowns and so much stress lately just because of this.

I love these articles about schoolwork

Ok but the problem is that because of all the schoolwork you don't have time for this

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